04/25/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Lara Stone & Marc Jacobs Bond Over Marriage, Rehab (NSFW PHOTOS, POLL)

Lara Stone certainly isn't shy about her body. She and her sisters in supermodeling recently appeared naked in the third issue of LOVE Magazine. Now the gap-toothed beauty is back at it for the March issue Interview magazine, which also contains an interview by Marc Jacobs. The two talked about commitment--Stone recently became engaged to British comedian David Walliams and Jacobs may or may not be married to his partner Lorenzo Martone --and their experiences in rehab. NSFW photos of Stone below.


JACOBS: You're madly in love, I hope.

STONE: I am madly in love. I've never been happier.

JACOBS: When did you two meet?

STONE: Just in May of last year, so it's all pretty soon.

JACOBS: Have you started to make wedding plans yet?

STONE: Not so much because I haven't been home at all since we got engaged.

JACOBS: Have you been thinking about what you're going to wear?

STONE: Well, I asked Riccardo [Tisci] to make my dress.


JACOBS: So how did you and David meet?

STONE: We met at a party and then went on a few dates.

JACOBS: What's he like?

STONE: He's wonderful. He's amazing. He makes me laugh. He's a proper gentleman. He's a bit mean but in a good way. I'm happy.


JACOBS: Now, this is a subject-and you can certainly say that you don't want to talk about it-but I know you went to rehab, which is something I've done a couple of times myself. When did you decide to go into treatment?

STONE: It was last year-two seasons ago-during shows. The drinking was getting way out of control. I just didn't recognize myself anymore. I didn't know what I was doing or where I was. I always had to have some drinks with me in my bag. I don't know. . . . Just waking up shaking and then having Bloody Marys on your own, first thing in the morning-I started to feel really pathetic about it. So I was like, "I can't live like this." It was just this really awful feeling of becoming a totally different person and not being able to control it at all. Then I tried to not drink, but that didn't work. So I figured I should just go to rehab. Also, with this job, always traveling on the plane and everything, I thought it would be really difficult to quit on my own because you're always in situations where it's acceptable to have drinks. So I decided right after a show that I was going to go [into treatment]. I Googled a bunch of places, and I found this place that I went to in Cape Town, South Africa, called Stepping Stones. I stayed there for a month. It was really difficult-lots of talking and crying.

JACOBS: I know that experience very well.