04/25/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

NIU Shooting 2010: Suspect Zach Isaacman Had Assault Rifles In Frat Room, Victim Brian Mulder Tells His Story


Zach Isaacman, suspect in the recent NIU shooting, had a brief court date on Tuesday. He was asking to be released on recognizance, or to have his $500,000 bond reduced. But after hearing around five minutes of testimony from Isaacman via video link, Judge Robbin Stuckert had head enough.

"I do not believe that a recognizance bond would be appropriate," she said, according to the Tribune.

Arguing against the bail reduction, prosecutors said police found at least one AK-47, a black metal assault rifle, a revolver with a round in the chamber and a shotgun, as well as a "fairly large" quantity of ammunition in his room at the fraternity.

Isaacman will next appear in court on March 23.


Zach R. Isaacman, the 22-year-old suspect in last Friday's shooting on the campus of Northern Illinois University, is set to appear in court Tuesday. He faces charges of aggravated battery with a firearm, aggravated battery and unlawful use of a weapon.

Meanwhile, the victim, Brian Mulder, is recovering at his mother's home in Pingree Grove following a bullet wound to the upper leg.

Isaacman had allegedly pointed the gun at Mulder's head, but the 24-year-old student slapped the weapon downward. Isaacman fired, striking Mulder in the leg.

"After he shot me, it was sort of like slow motion, except for him, he seemed like he took off at 150 miles an hour; I didn't even know where he went," he told the Chicago Tribune in an interview.

Mulder recalled that the shooter had been following a young woman when she entered one of the campus dorms. Angered, the shooter demanded that other students let him in, to no avail. Eventually Mulder approached the man, and told him to leave.

"I said 'There's nothing really for you here. I don't know what's going on with you and the girl, but obviously she doesn't want you here, there's no other business for you here tonight,'" Mulder told reporters. "'Call it a night and come back in the morning, or call her in the morning.'"

It was at that point that the shooter drew his weapon.

The shootings were especially harrowing as the campus had just commemorated the two-year anniversary of a Feb. 14, 2008 shooting spree at NIU that left six students including the gunman dead.

Isaacman is currently being held on a $500,000 bond. Class X felonies like aggravated battery with a firearm receive from six to 30 years of jail time.