05/01/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Andre Leon Talley And Whoopi Goldberg: Fashion's Newest Odd Couple

Andre Leon Talley is certainly the type of guy we'd like to hang out with, but it seems that all of his time is being occupied by an unlikely BFF: Whoopi Goldberg. The New York Times reports that "fashion's newest odd couple" was spotted multiple times during fashion week--at the Calvin Klein show, and backstage at Laura Smalls and Chado Ralph Rucci--but the two have been friends since 2008 after Whoopi invited Andre to her home in 2008.

"She has bigger columns at her house than I do at mine," said Mr. Talley, who lives in White Plains. They agreed that living outside New York was essential, given their high-profile jobs...."I reconcile the toxicity of the fashion world with the beauty of home," he said.

So what did they talk about on their first friend-date?

The two discussed common interests, including how to deter deer from devouring shrubs. "I use wolf urine," Ms. Goldberg said. "Where do you get that?" Mr. Talley asked.

Their friendship blossomed and they even spent last Christmas together, the New York Times reveals. Whoopi cooked Cornish game hens and Andre presented her with 12 glass-dusted birds.