Brazil Baby Dies As Doctors Fight, Reports Claim

05/01/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A baby died in a Brazilian hospital while the two doctors there to perform a cesarian started fighting instead, news reports say.

Authorities are now looking to see if the baby girl could have been saved had the fistfight not occurred.

32-year-old Gislaine de Matos Rodrigues was in advanced labor in the city of Ivinhema when she is said to have asked for the doctor who provided her pre-natal care to deliver the baby. When the doctor on duty arrived to find another doctor in his place, the fight occurred.

"It was a big fight. They ended up rolling around on the floor. And my wife was screaming for them to stop," Rodrigues's husband, Gilberto Melo Cabreira, told Brazilian press.

Security guards had to separate the men. 90 minutes later, another doctor came and performed the surgery. The girl was born dead.

One of the doctors involved, Sinomar Ricardo, appeared on TV blaming his colleague. "I didn't get in a fight with him, he got into a fight with me," he said.

The baby's father told the press, "I don't want to make accusations. But I can testify to one thing: up to the birth, my daughter was in full health."

According to reports, both doctors have been fired and a full investigation is underway.