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Nuclear Bunker For Sale On eBay

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Nostalgic for Cold War hysteria? Now may be your chance to relive the glory days and own a terrifying piece of history with the purchase of a nuclear bunker in Northern England.

The bunker, currently for sale on eBay and reaching almost $30,000 in bids so far, was built by Britain's Royal Observer Corps in 1959.

In the event of a nuclear war the inhabitants would have lived underground and measured the aftermath of a nuclear fallout. Following the demise of the Soviet Union the bunker was decommissioned in 1991.

From the eBay advert; "Set in a stunning location with glorious views. Your own nuclear bunker within a plot of land and much original equipment."

"The bunker can continue to be used as limited living accommodation for short periods or adventure holidays," the seller added.

CHECK the auction here and bid away!

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