Isabel Marant: 'Fashion Shows Are Not For The Public'

05/03/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Purveyor of this season's "It Shoe," Isabel Marant talked to Grazia Daily about her old-fashioned fashion beliefs, specifically that fashion shows are not for the public.

"They are trade shows for the press. It's time for the press to understand the collection and then spread the information. That's more interesting than just the image. Everyone wants to be first. It's too too much. There should be privacy and mystery. There is no excitement about anything anymore as everything is available immediately and all the time--you don't have to wait for anything."

She also expressed her anti-Internet views, as a designer who has kept most of her clothes offline.

"I don't belong to the generation of spending time on the internet. I think it's too fast and too fake. It's like going to a museum on the internet--where is the pleasure? It's sad because everyone is running after everything, but after what? Everything is too quick. There is no room in your heads for all this information."

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