Mark McGwire Highway Could Be Renamed After Mark Twain

05/03/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Mark McGwire Highway was dedicated to the then-Cardinals slugger in 1999, just one year after he and Sammy Sosa battled history in an epic home run race that saw McGwire set a new single-season record. The record would last only three years longer, and now it appears the highway may not survive either.

The Missouri Senate voted unanimously to rename the stretch of St. Louis road after another famous Mark from Missouri: Mark Twain. The move follows years of speculation that McGwire used performance-enhancing drugs, culminating with an admission in January that he took steroids.

While McGwire said at the time that the steroids had nothing to do with his performance, there is plenty of reason to believe the former slugger was lying all the way through his purported confession. Even his own brother called him out for dishonesty.

McGwire, who now works as the Cardinals' hitting coach, will have to wait for the Missouri House to pass the senate's legislation before he is stripped of his highway honors.

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