05/04/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sockintosh: Foot Cozy Uses Apple Power Adapter To Keep Your Toes Warm (VIDEO)

*Watch the video below*

Forget radiators or toasty fires: a creative knitter has come up with a new, tech-inspired way to stay warm this winter.

The "Sockintosh" is a knitted foot cozy that's fitted with a pouch to hold your Apple laptop's power adapter, so you can harness the heat from your laptop's power plug to keep your feet warm while you work.

This AC-powered foot mitten might actually be as dangerous as it is ingenious. These adapters have a history of overheating, sometimes famously, and Apple, Inc cautions consumers to keep their power adapters ventilated during use.

Naturally, the creator of the Sockintosh, Rachel Burns, is aware of the risks involved in using her product. "This was knitted as a joke! Your power adapter should be kept very well ventilated for safety reasons. Dont set fire to yourself please," she asserts on her YouTube account.

(via Engadget)