Sarah Palin Invited To Do Stand-Up At Chicago Comedy Club

05/05/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sarah Palin's stand-up routine on "The Tonight Show"earlier this week wooed a Chicago comedy club owner--who has given Palin an "open invitation" to perform at his Old Town club.

Zanies VP Bert Haas told NBC Chicago that he liked Palin's "Tonight Show" performance, and thinks she would be a good fit for Zanies.

"Based on her appearance... Zanies Comedy Club would like to book Sarah Palin to perform at the club," Haas told NBC. "She has an open invitation to perform."

Palin told Jay Leno's Los Angeles audience that it was quite cold in Alaska--saying it was "5 degrees below Congress' approval rating." She also jabbed at fellow guest and Olympic gold medalist Shaun White, saying "the last time I was this close to the flying tomato was when someone threw one at me at a book signing."

The former vice-presidential candidate has been made famous by her one-liners--perhaps they will better serve her off the campaign trail.

Watch Palin's "Tonight Show" appearance here:

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