David Axelrod: Americans Don't 'Give A Rat's Ass' About White House Intrigue

05/08/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

White House senior adviser David Axelrod, who has been under a microscope lately after numerous reports have surfaced of internal turmoil in the West Wing, offered some sharply-worded comments to Politico's Mike Allen about all the rumors swirling around Washington.

"There aren't 10 people outside of Washington who give a rat's ass about any of this," Axelrod told Allen. "They've got bigger stuff to worry about, and we're trying to worry about that. The same people who are all in a tizzy right now are the same people who called us idiots for the better part of two years."

Over the weekend Axelrod, a long-time adviser to President Obama, was the subject of a front-page New York Times story that addressed questions about whether Axelrod is overly loyal to the president. The top adviser also responded to assertions that the White House had lost its message.

From the profile by The Times's Mark Leibovich:

Mr. Axelrod said he accepts some blame for what he called "communication failures," though he acknowledges bafflement that the administration's efforts to stimulate the economy in a crisis, overhaul health care and prosecute two wars have been so routinely framed by opponents as the handiwork of a big-government, soft-on-terrorism, politics-of-the-past ideologue.

"For me, the question is, why haven't we broken through more than we have?" Mr. Axelrod said. "Why haven't we broken through?"

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