05/15/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bill O'Reilly: Howell Raines A 'Hypocritical' 'Liar' For Criticizing Fox News

Bill O'Reilly went after Fox News critic (and former New York Times executive editor) Howell Raines Friday night in his "Talking Points" segment.

O'Reilly said Raines, who criticized Fox News in a Washington Post op-ed, is "a committed left-wing guy who surrounded himself with like-minded people in his short tenure as The Times editor."

He added that it was "hypocritical" for Raines to critique Fox News' journalism when Raines was at the helm for the Times' Jayson Blair scandal and the Times misled on weapons of mass destruction.

"But now, incredibly, Howell Raines has cast himself as the keeper of the journalistic flame," O'Reilly said. "Oh yeah, well who's the real liar, Mr. Raines?

"It's simple," O'Reilly said. "Howell Raines is finished. The New York Times is bleeding, and the elite media in general has lost enormous power. Meantime, Fox News continues to rise. There you go."