05/17/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dawn Longhenry, Greeley Woman, Charged For Selling Fake Drugs

Dawn Longhenry, a 29 year old Greeley woman, faces three felony drug charges for selling real and fake methamphetamines to undercover officers.

In the first deal, she sold 21.6 grams of real methamphetamine to officers for $960. According to The Greeley Tribune, the second instance occurred on Feb. 25, when Longhenry sold 26.6 grams of fake meth for $900. After her third arranged buy, Longhenry was arrested. The third deal involved 39 grams of fake meth.

She admitted to police that she had packaged and sold sea salt instead of meth.

The AP Reports that she was jailed, on two counts of distribution of an imitation controlled substance and one count of distribution of a controlled substance.

Longhenry's affidavit states that she orchestrated the drug deals while already facing a drug possession charge from 2009.