05/17/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

MySpace To Begin Sharing User Data With Third Parties

UPDATE 4:31 PM ET: A spokesperson for MySpace contacted the Huffington Post with the following statement from the company:

MySpace is not selling user data to Infochimps. MySpace provides developers, including companies such as Infochimps, with free access to publicly available real-time data (such as status updates, music, photos, videos) using our Real Time Stream feed. We have identified the need for third-party developers who can’t handle the size of our full feed to still have access to the data in a different format. For this reason Infochimps is offering developers a pre-packaged version of our Real Time Stream, as a value-added service.

More information is available form the Infochimps blog.
Social networking just became a little riskier to your privacy. MySpace has begun to sell user data to third parties ranging from academics and analysts to marketers.

The data will include any activity or information that is attached to an account.

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