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Upload C-SPAN Highlights, Win A Prize

Huffington Post   Adam Clark Estes   First Posted: 05/17/10 06:12 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 04:50 PM ET

This Wednesday, C-SPAN will be releasing over 160,000 hours of footage in a searchable video library. The programming dates back to 1987, just a year after the launch of C-SPAN 2, which ostensibly means that every Congressional floor speech and high profile event since Reagan's final years in office will be available and embeddable online.

According to a press release:

Of the video library, C-SPAN co-president Susan Swain said: "Its extensive holdings will allow the public to see how elected officials, politicians, journalists, experts, authors and other opinion leaders present themselves on the issues of the day and over time."

Added bonuses: A "Congressional Chronicle" feature lets viewers to search all floor speeches and committee remarks for any member, and built-in tools allow you to post a video link to Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

So what's worth watching? Which memorable speech deserves revisiting? And what can we learn from such a rich archive?

The Huffington Post needs your help in answering these questions. Upon the launch of C-SPAN's video library, we're inviting readers to send us the embed codes of the best videos and moments from over 20 years of Congressional history.

Submit as many videos as you like using the tool below. Our readers will vote the best up and the top participants will receive C-SPAN gear. The reader with the number one video submission will also receive a bonus prize that includes a copy of The Huffington Post Guide to Blogging signed by Arianna Huffington.

C-SPAN is releasing footage from over 30 years of happenings on the Hill. We need your help to find the best of it.
C-SPAN Video Hunt

Click PARTICIPATE and input the video embed code in the DESCRIPTION field. If you want to point to a specific clip of a hearing or session, you can use C-SPAN's clickable timeline by clicking on "View Session Timeline" on the C-SPAN Video Library page.

Jul. 7, 1987: Oliver North: If Lying Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right
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WATCH THE CLIP FROM C-SPAN.ORG When Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North was summoned to testify in July, 1987 before a joint Congressional committee formed to investigate the Iran-Contra Affair, he confessed to his role in the scandal but did not confess wrongdoing. "By their very nature, covert operations or special activities are a lie... The effort to conduct these covert operations was made in such a way that our adversaries would not have knowledge of them... and that is not wrong." North would later tell the committee that he thought using the Ayatollah's money to fund the Nicaraguan Contras was "a neat idea."
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