Jane Norton Facing Pressure From Right To Pledge An Appeal Of Health Care Reform

05/23/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

On Monday, John Tomasic at the Colorado Independent shed light on the pressure facing GOP Senatorial candidate Jane Norton to pledge to repeal Obama's health care plan:

U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton is feeling heat again on the right Monday. Although health care reform legislation passed Sunday, the battle against it continues around the country and in Colorado. Attorney General John Suthers today joined a lawsuit targeting the health bill on Constitutional grounds and local right bloggers are pressing for Norton to pledge to work to repeal the bill should Coloradans send her to Washington.

In what is becoming a cliche of the Senate primary race, Norton rival Weld County D.A. Ken Buck immediately came out in support of repeal while Norton has left the right hanging: already it is roughly 24 hours after the health reform vote, which in internet time makes Norton about a week late in responding.

Today, Norton released a statement affirming her support for a repeal of the legislation:

"This bill represents the most significant move toward the failed policies of socialism America has seen in more than six decades. Our country must elect leaders this November who will work to repeal ObamaCare and bring real reform to our healthcare system."

As KDVR's Eli Stokol's points out, her support came roughly 24 hours after the vote, whereas her primary GOP rival, Weld County DA Ken Buck, issued a statement almost immediately.

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