Fugitive Florida Monkey On Facebook (VIDEO)

08/31/2010 04:36 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'The Today Show' reports from Seminole, Florida, hot on the pursuit of a fugitive rhesus macaque monkey. In the past two years the monkey has been spotted far and wide in the Tampa Bay area, covering over 50 square miles.

It is believed he may be an ancestor of the monkeys used in the old 'Tarzan' movies, filmed just north of the area, as he is obviously well trained. A police officer reported that the monkey looked both ways before crossing a street.

Despite his pranks, the monkey has a dedicated fan base of over 25,000 fans on his facebook page. Yes, that's right--the monkey has a facebook! You can follow his latest antics there.

WATCH the monkey chase in action:

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