Alexi Giannoulias Rips Mark Kirk For Pledge To Repeal Health Reform, Makes A Fake Facebook Page For Kirk (PHOTOS)

05/26/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Alexi Giannoulias' campaign has no intention of distancing itself from the historic new health reform law, but they do plan on letting the public know where Giannoulias' opponent stands on the issue--and have created a faux Facebook page to tease Rep. Mark Kirk and his vow to "lead the effort" to repeal the law.

In an email sent out Friday, the Giannoulias campaign challenged Kirk "to stop hiding and start answering questions about why he wants to oppose President Obama and lead the effort to repeal health care reform." The email continues:

His absence on the issue is revealing since Congressman Kirk was one of the first to sign the Club For Growth's pledge to repeal health care reform back in January - one month before the bipartisan health care summit, and two months before a bill was available to read. Additionally, 13 days ago, behind closed doors, Kirk called President Obama a "one-termer," and promised Republicans in Winnetka to lead the effort to repeal the bill.

The Giannoulias camp has continued to bring up Kirk's Winnetka flap, as the attention has been taken away from Giannoulias' Broadway Bank woes and directed toward Kirk's confusing stance on health reform. The campaign is also calling out Kirk on his recent invisibility. He has not made a public statement about his Obama remarks or his pledge to end health reform.

Kirk has not held a public event or made himself available for media interviews in weeks to answer these questions. To help keep track of how much time has elapsed since Mark Kirk promised to lead the charge on repeal, the Alexi for Illinois campaign has set up a "Tick-Tock Repeal It?" clock that is featured in today's new Web ad.

The clock counts down how many days it has been since Kirk vowed to "lead the effort" to repeal health reform--and beneath it reads: "The question is: Where is Mark Kirk?"

Aside from the repeal clock, the campaign also created a satirical Facebook page for congressman Kirk, featuring comments from other health care naysayers in the GOP, including John McCain, John Boehner and Club For Growth.

Check out the faux page here:

Mark Kirk's Faux Facebook Page
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