05/26/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tea Party Targets Harry Reid: Thousands Expected At Rally In Nevada On Saturday

Searchlight, Nev. is a town with a population of 800 and the hometown of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. But on Saturday, the sleepy town's population is expected to explode.

The Tea Party Express will kick off its 2010 tour (the "Just Vote Them Out! Tour") in Searchlight.

The first stop -- the "Showdown in Searchlight" -- will target Reid and Democrats who voted for the health care reform bill and will feature an appearance by Sarah Palin, who is stumping for Sen. John McCain on Friday.

The bus will make a total of 44 stops as it winds its way across the country before finishing in Washington, D.C. on tax day -- April 15.

Local residents say that they will welcome the conservative activists, despite their goal of unseating Reid.

"We want the people to come in and we're going to cater to them as a business," Richard Doing told the local news station, KNTV. (Doing's grandparents own the Searchlight Nugget hotel and casino). "The political affiliation? We're staying out of that here as personal friends of the family. And he's from this town. Business owners in a small community like this, you know, you gotta all stay closely knit."

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