Clark Kellogg: CBS Analyst To FACE OBAMA On Basketball Court With Harry Smith

05/28/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

President Barack Obama's bracket is busted, but the nation's first fan isn't done with March Madness.

The next chapter in Obama's basketball diary will unfold this week, when the president takes on CBS hoops analyst Clark Kellogg and newsman Harry Smith on the White House court.

Clips from the game and an interview with Smith will air on The Early Show on Friday, April 2. The rest of the game and an interview with Kellogg will air the following day, during CBS' coverage of the NCAA Final Four.

Earlier this season, Obama watched Duke play at Georgetown and provided some live commentary for CBS alongside Kellogg and play-by-play man Vern Lunquist. The president called Kellogg the "best color man in college basketball," and hinted that a game might be coming. "The question is whether Clark still plays at all, or whether his knees are a little too creaky!"

Obama didn't issue a formal invite during the broadcast, instead teasing Kellogg about venturing onto the analyst's turf. "After retirement, I'm coming after your job, bud," joked the president. "Just letting you know. You either have three more years or seven, I'm not sure which. But you need to plan accordingly." Obama also said he would watch all of the Final Four games. He's already seen one of those teams play in person, as Duke has made it to the tournament's final weekend in Indianapolis. Incidentally, the president's personal aide, Reggie Love, once played for the Blue Devils.

The president's passion for basketball is well documented. For a second straight year, Obama filled out his bracket with ESPN analyst Andy Katz. He correctly picked North Carolina as the 2009 champion, though he's 0-for-Final-Four this year. Earlier this season, he also went to a game at George Washington when they hosted Oregon State, a team coached by the president's brother-in-law.

As much as Obama enjoys watching basketball, he sometimes prefers to lace 'em up. The president is known to play with White House staff on the same court where the CBS challenge will be filmed. He also has a standing challenge from Senator Scott Brown for a game of two-on-two. Brown wants to play with his daughter, Ayla, who just finished her career with Boston College.

The upcoming game and CBS interviews, being advertised as "courtside," will be filmed on April 1.

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