RNC Fights Back, Hits DNC For Expenditures

05/31/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It's hardly surprising, but the Republican National Committee is pushing back on this week's disclosures of profligate spending by pumping out examples of the Democratic National Committee doing the same thing. Fortunately, the DNC doesn't have expenses at a bondage-themed nightclub on their balance sheets. But, yes, they spend a lot on fancy hotels and catered meals, to the tune of $2,204,000.

Ben Smith runs it all down over at Politico, including a response from the DNC's Brad Woodhouse, who says:

The RNC got in trouble not because it was doing traditional fundraising at hotels, or holding meetings at hotels, -- and we've never raised that issue. They got in trouble with their donors because they are spending more money than they are raising (deficit spending is a pattern with Republicans) and because they are doing so in part at sex clubs.

Line items of note include $26,000 spent on "tickets and catering at Fenway Park," none of which apparently included the involvement of Martha Coakley, who had some famous Red Sox problems. The DNC also spent $13,316 at Washington, DC's Lucky Strike, a place where affluent gentrifiers flock to in order to pay top dollar to feign an interest in bowling.

Speaking only for myself, there can be no excuse for the $17,125 paid to the Dallas Cowboys.

RNC drops oppo on DNC high-falutin' expenditures [Politico]

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