HuffPost Impact Wants YOUR Stories

06/05/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Research shows that generosity is contagious -- people are more likely to do good when they're around others making positive contributions. Our job at Huffington Post Impact is to make that job easier by sharing stories of people giving back. In December, we told the story of Stephen Snead, who lost his job and home, but gave back as a community advocate and artist in a struggling area of Detroit. Huffington Post readers donated over $3,000 to Snead. Back in October, we inspired thousands with the story of the Stein family, saddled with medical debt and close to losing their home, despite mother Monique losing her eyesight. Huffington Post readers contributed over $30,000 to the Stein family -- and set a remarkable precedent for the power of storytelling to inspire hope and, more importantly, results.

This time around, we want to tell YOUR story. During May, in the lead up to Mothers' Day, HuffPost Impact will be featuring remarkable stories focused on motherhood. Do you know an incredible mother who's changed lives? Has your own mother made a remarkable difference to you and others? If so, we want to know about it. We'll be choosing some of the best stories we receive to feature on the Huffington Post as part of our "It Just Takes One" campaign for Mothers' Day.

Send your stories to and make the subject line "My Inspiring Story." We'll contact you by e-mail (or phone, if you want to include your number) if we want to use your story.

Thanks and good luck!

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