06/05/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Hottest Luxury Homes On The Web: Zillow

The downturn may have left millions out of work and struggling to get by, but there are still plenty of very rich people willing to spend incredible sums of money on luxury real estate. And, there are clearly plenty of us who are more than willing to gawk at their huge homes online.

That, at least, is the takeaway from the latest listings provided by the folks at the real estate website Zillow. Among the most-searched-for homes on Zillow, many of them are celebrity-owned, all are opulent and expansive, often on bodies of water and in gated communities, and notable for their extravagant details. By "extravagant details," we mean things like the fruit orchards on Mel Gibson's estate and Britney Spears's seven bathrooms.

Check out the hottest homes listed on Zillow's website below: