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Arkansas Senate: 2010 Election BREAKING News

First Posted: 06/06/10 06:12 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 05:05 PM ET

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AFSCME Ad BLASTS Blanche Over Lobbyist Ties
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The AFSCME labor union is out with a new ad blasting Blanche Lincoln as a product of the Washington, DC establishment and over the incumbent Senator's ties to lobbyists from a wide range of industries -- from Big Oil and Big Banks to health insurance company leaders.

"When Blanche Lincoln moved her family full-time to Washingotn, DC, she quickly became part of the place and that's the problem," a narrator says in the minute-long spot. "She was on the move all right, cozying up to the lobbyists, their big money and influence -- Goldman Sachs and the other Wall Street banks, big insurance companies like Blue Cross, big oil insiders -- BP, Texaco, and Amoco and the like. She took their money, did their bidding, moved up -- the Washington way. Then voted to send our good-paying Arkansas jobs like China and Mexico, used our money to bail out her Wall Street buddies."

Politico's Ben Smith recently reported that the AFSCME plans to pour $1.4 million into Arkansas' Democratic primary race in effort to unseat Lincoln ahead of the state's June 8 runoff:

The union is sending about 50 staffers to Arkansas for the race's last three weeks, with a particular focus on rallying African-American voters behind Halter, the president, Gerald McEntee, said, describing an independent expenditure campaign on a scale likely to dominate the state's airwaves.

AFSCME is one of several unions eager to punish Sen. Blanche Lincoln for her opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act, which would make organizing easier, and other stances. McEntee referred to her as "a Democrat in name only," "Bailout Blanche" and "Wal-Mart's queen."

Posted: 05/25 02:51 PM
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