RTD Crash In Lafayette Is 3rd In 4 Days; Bicyclist Airlifted To Denver Health

06/07/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

UPDATE: Marvin "Chip" Webb, the bicyclist in injured during a collision with and RTD bus Tuesday night, died on Wednesday at Denver Health. The 43-year-old Webb, a Lafayette resident, became the 4th person to die in an RTD-related accident since Saturday.

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Yet another person was admitted to a Denver-area hospital Tuesday night after being involved in a collision with an RTD bus. This is the third accident involving an RTD Bus since Saturday, when a bus ran a red light on Lincoln Avenue in Denver, killing two. The incident comes as the driver in Saturday's incident found out she will face thirteen misdemeanor charges.

Police say Tuesday's crash came just before 10:00 PM as the bus was making a left turn in Lafayette, Colorado. A 43-year-old cyclist from Lafayette collided with the bus. He was subsequently airlifted to Denver Health. Investigators have been unable to determine as of yet who is at fault for the accident.

Meanwhile, authorities charged Tideneykiyalesh Hawari, 30, of Aurora with 11 counts of careless driving resulting in serious bodily injury and two counts of careless driving resulting in death in connection with Saturday's incident. All of the charges are misdemeanors.

In an unrelated incident, an RTD Bus hit and killed a pedestrian in Aurora Monday night. Investigators are still unsure as to how the 78-year-old man was pulled under the bus.

RTD spokesman Scott Reed told KUSA that organization is reemphasizing safety in the wake of the accidents.

"In light of the fact that we have had a couple of very serious, very tragic accidents, we wanted to be sure that we're reminding everyone of that people realize we're kind of all in this together."

RTD is cooperating with police to determine the cause of the accidents.

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