06/08/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mark Kirk Comic Book: Dems Ask For Answers In The 'The Adventures of Two-Faced Kirk' (PHOTOS)

A new poll puts Illinois Republican Mark Kirk in the lead for the Senate race, but throughout the campaign, Kirk has refused or avoided answering questions about flip-flopping on several issues. Today, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee launched a new online comic book, that highlights Kirk's mixed stance on issues like health care reform and cap and trade--and asks for answers.

"'The Adventures of Two-Faced Kirk' will remind Illinois voters that Republican Congressman Mark Kirk can't be trusted on any of the important issues of the day," said DSCC National Press Secretary Deirdre Murphy in a release. "Whether the issue is repeal of health care reform, the use of earmarks, cap and trade, or unemployment compensation, Washington insider Kirk tries to have it both ways as he attempts to court voters. Republican Congressman Kirk's bad habit of talking out of both sides of his mouth might work in DC, but it's not what the people of Illinois are looking for in their Senator."

The comic book focuses on Kirk's pledge to "lead the effort" to repeal health reform, which he was recorded saying prior to the bill passing. After it passed, however, he avoided questions and backed down--prompting Club for Growth spokesman Mike Connolly to call him out, telling a reporter. "We expect him to live up to his pledge."

The DSCC hopes drawing attention to the issues Kirk has been silent or waffled on will compel him to give some answers. From their statement:

Two-faced Congressman Kirk's hypocrisy doesn't end with health care repeal. Despite claiming to be against earmarks on the campaign trail, Congressman Kirk has a history of mixing earmarks and campaign contributions, with many of his earmarks going to groups who contributed to his campaign coffers over the years. In total, more than $81 million in earmarks Congressman Kirk secured went to his campaign contributors. Congressman Kirk was one of the only Republicans to vote for a cap and trade bill in the House of Representatives in June, citing national security reasons. However, after announcing a run for the Senate and facing heat from the right, Congressman Kirk did a complete back flip and declared he was now against the cap and trade bill he voted on just months ago and would vote against it when it came up again. With Illinois facing record high unemployment, Congressman Kirk decided to skip a crucial vote on extending unemployment benefits and has still not disclosed where he was and why he skipped the vote.

Check out the comic book here:

The Adventures of Two-Faced Kirk