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Ochocinco, Shawne Merriman Fight On Twitter

First Posted: 06/08/10 06:12 AM ET Updated: 05/25/11 05:05 PM ET

Ochocinco Shawne Merriman Twitter Fight

Chad Ochocinco and Shawne Merriman got in a Twitter fight last night, with each former Pro Bowler chastising the other's style. The kerfuffle began when Merriman asked, "#EverFeelLike letting someone know the truth even if it hurts." Ochocinco replied: "yeah i feel like letting you know the truth,i will beat your ass in a heartbeat UFC style."

The Bengals receiver continued: "And i am sick of that damn mohawk, cut that shit off." Merriman shot back, writing, "just like i hate that pot of gold in your mouth do you take them out before or after you samba."

Unfortunately for Merriman, Ochocinco charged his adversary with getting his facts wrong: "hello mcfly , i have not worn my gold grill in 2 years, where you been, i am in LA bring your happy ass down n get beat!" Merriman responded in kind, telling Ochocinco he looks like "goomba off mario bros."

The back and forth continued for a few more moments, but Ochocinco ultimately closed the discussion with the ultimate conversation-ender: "child please."

It's not the first Twitter battle Ochocinco has waged this offseason. He blasted an ESPN Radio host and declared war on the network in March.



Filed by Whitney Snyder  |