06/08/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Terry Richardson Describes Former Sexual Obsession & Exploits

Fashion photographer Terry Richardson--he of waggling privates and predatory behavior--told The Journal that once he discovered sex, he was obsessed with it. As posted on The Cut:

I was a late bloomer, because once I got sober I was like, "Wow, sex is awesome, this is crazy," and then it became like a drug. You become addicted, like a sex addict or whatever, and I did all of these photographs because it was new for me. I've grown out of that phase, which was coming out of working through live and just tripping out.

He added:

Sex is intense. Sex, food, drugs, shopping, alcohol, the gym, plastic surgery, collecting art, there are all of these things that people get a rush from or become obsessed with. Sex then was never an addiction but a kind of obsession, and it was fun. It was all during the day and there were people everywhere and the energy was incredible. To me, it was like a happening. he had sex, during the day, with people all around? We're just going to stop right there. We don't need to know any more.