Tim Pawlenty Finds A Way To Co-Opt Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin Rally

06/08/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Here's a great catch by Wonkette's Jim Newell. Apparently, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty was so bent on horning in on yesterday's Michele Bachmann/Sarah Palin "Ladies of Fearmongering" rally that he went out, bought the domain name BachmannRally.com and then redirected traffic to his own site.

Poor Tim Pawlenty. There was once a time where it looked like he might be the Republican presidential candidate that presented America with a portfolio of policy ideas and who could bring his conservative principles to the Rachel Maddow show and actually have a genial conversation, like a calm and reasonable adult.

But Michele Bachmann is so hot right now, and being way out on the fringe is the new new thing. So, Pawlenty has to do everything he can to remain relevant, even at the expense of, you know, being Tim Pawlenty.

Anyway, this whole effort is actually a huge search engine failure, because he also should have snapped up PalinRally.com, and, what the hell, TikiBarberGirlfriend.com, too.

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