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50 Best Book People To Follow On Twitter

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Who's the best to follow on twitter so that you'll have the latest on the world of books? Here are our choices of authors, agents, publishers, book pundits and newspapers around the world. Let us know who you like following too.

Name/Twitter Name/BioPhotoWhat You Can Expect
Neil Gaiman/@neilhimself/"will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down."Watched Dr Who "11th Hour" with @maddyg44 and 3 of her male friends. Result = 1 horribly embarrassed daughter, 3 new Dr Who fans.
Margaret Atwood/@MargaretAtwood/"author"O, T-pals: I now appear to be a lovable, fuzzy-cardiganed ol' granny - when did that happen? >:-( (I do have the fuzzy cardigan tho'.)
Cory Doctorow/@doctorow/"Writer, etc."To my grandmother last night: "Oh no! Forgot to put lamb's blood on the door!" Her: Puzzlement. In 85 years, she's never listened to a Seder
Alain de Botton/@alaindebotton/"Writer, The School of Life, Living Architecture"Gender differences: yet to be born: the man who slept with a woman principally because she had written a book he liked.
Colson Whitehead/@colesonwhitehead/"just another down on his luck carny with a pocketful of broken dreams"Apropos of nothing, people will offer "I could never live in New York." I could never live with your face, but you don't hear me yapping.
Anne Rice/@AnneRiceAuthor/"I am an American author."Here's an early and good review of my son Christopher's new novel, which I heartily recommend.
Harlan Coben/@HarlanCobenA first for me. Man sitting next to me on plane just pulled out a copy of my book.
Jodi Picoult/@jodipicoult/"author/mom/Wonder Woman"Congrats to @HarlanCoben for nabbing #1 on the NYT list! Happy to be a couple rungs below.
Maureen Johnson/@maureenjohnson/"There's a fine line between good eye contact, and the piercing stare of a psychopath. Maureen is on the wrong side of it. - a fan"Here's to gay books hitting the list! Here's hoping to see more and more! #twittertoasts
Seth Grahame-Smith/@sethgs/"Author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Co-Creator of MTV's The Hard Times of RJ Berger."Sitting one table over from Mel Brooks at Junior's Deli, trying not to stare at him with worship in my eyes.
Chuck Palahniuk/@chuckpalahniuk/"un by Dennis Widmyer (@dwidmyer), webmaster of the official site @ Until Chuck decides to try this himself, I’ll do my best in his place"Check out our interview w/ Richard Thomas, participant in Chuck's online Writer's Workshop who just published a novel:
Meg Cabot/@megcabot/"Author of over 40 novels, including the Princess Diaries, Allie Finkle, Queen of Babble, Heather Wells and Airhead series"What if my last Tweet before I die had the word corndogs in it? You know that would so never happen to Nicholas Sparks.
Sarah Dessen/@sarahdessen/""I wish I could take a picture of our weeping cherry tree in full bloom that would do it justice. Imagine: prettiest thing you've ever seen.
R.L. Stine/@RL_Stine/"My job: to terrify kids"April is Nat'l Scare A Child Month. The new GB HorrorLand book--Little Shop of Hamsters-- should help you achieve that goal.
Rebecca Skloot/@RebeccaSkloot/"riter (NYTMag, Oprah Mag), Author of NY Times Bestselling book *THE IMMORTAL LIFE OF HENRIETTA LACKS* (aka #HeLa) published 2/2/10""Being a woman is no longer a preexisting condition." Healthcare law makes insurers stop discrinating against women #hcr
John Green/@realjohngreen/"I write books and make videos with my brother."For the record: The reason a non-vampiric novel with gay characters can hit the New York Times bestseller list? NERDFIGHTERIA. Thank you.
Paolo Coelho/@paulocoelho/"writer"If you have a dream, don't waste your energies explaining why
Doug Coupland/@DougCoupland/"Never left art school"The Filet-O-Fish filets at Denver Airport are freakishly rectilinear. Perfect right angles.
Scott Westerfeld/@ScottWesterfeld/I write novels for teens and other folks who like stories."In other news, I have exactly 6,666 followers. (Eat my dust, @Satan!)
Joe Hill/@Joe_Hill/"Author of HORNS, Heart-Shaped Box, 20th Century Ghosts, and Locke & Key"Isn't it cute that the DVD recorder in a Mac is a "superdrive"? Like if I cleaned my room when I was a kid, my mom would call me "superjoe."
Libba Bray/@libbabray/"Silly, silly writer and all-around bad influence. You should probably leave while you can."Saw a kids book in the drug store called GOODBYE FACES that I misread as GOODBYE FECES. Guess which one I wanted to read more.
Susan Orlean/@susanorlean/"Writer, writer, writer. Oh, I also write."Do people who don't have iPhones get tired of hearing people who do have iPhones talk about their iPhones?
Daniel Pink/@DanielPink/"Author of DRIVE: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us"Only 10 to 15 % of laughter is the result of someone making a joke.... (via Discovery News)
Jennifer Weiner/@jenniferweiner/"Reading. Writing. World domination."If I ever get a boat, I'm naming it Noodle Kugel.
GalleyCat/@GalleyCat/"The First Word on the Book Publishing Industry"Will they switch? Amazon Kindle customers test drive the #iPad in the Amazon forums:
Carolyn Kellogg/@paperhaus"LA Times book blogger, critic, procrastinator, writer. In that order. "Sure, Wolf Hall won every big award. But sometimes awards get it wrong: Citizen Kane lost the best picture Oscar to How Green Was My Valley.
Nathan Bransford/@NathanBransford/"Literary agent with Curtis Brown Ltd. and author of JACOB WONDERBAR AND THE COSMIC SPACE KAPOW (coming 2011)"Why do we read fiction? Scientists are investigating:
Guardian Books/@GuardianBooks/"News, reviews and author interviews plus tweets from the desk: Sarah Crown, Michelle Pauli, Richard Lea and Lindesay Irvine"Shakespeare biographies: the good, the Bard and the ugly | Michael Caines
LA Times Books/@LATimesBooks/"Literary news + reviews from Los Angeles Times Jacket Copy blog + Books section."Noir hits home in Los Angeles, Orange County: Tales by Raymond Chandler, Leigh Brackett, Chester Himes and others ...
Motoko Rich/@motokorich/"New York Times books reporter"Looking at questions asked and not asked about latest incident of flawed book facts
Jason Pinter/@jasonpinter/"Bestselling thriller writer, Huffington Post Books columnist, publishing wonk, hater of beets. Reach me at"So far I'm unimpressed with iBooks. Too many publishers not present, too many books missing, layout is confusing. Should improve over time.
Maud Newton/@maudnewton/"Writer, blogger, editor, neurotic. NPR contributor. Recipient of 2009 Narrative Prize."Jincy Willett's time-wasting ideas for writers: Don't miss her Facebook status cross-stitch. (via @Gwenda)
Jason Boog/@jasonboog/"Ionia Michigan to Peace Corps Guatemala to NYU to Brooklyn Freelancer and GalleyCat Editor"Blame Long Form Writing Disorder! RT @sarahw: Does it always take 4 hours of procrastinating to produce 90 minutes of crazy productivity?
Dominique Raccah/@draccah/"Publisher. Entrepreneur. Sourcebooks. Love books. Poetry enthusiast ( Interested in book publishing in evolving digital landscape""it's a good bet tht iPad will, much more than Kindle ever did, change our reading habits" Fast Company
Bookninja/@bookninja/"The world's deadliest books site, available daily."Sarah Palin launders G-worth of her own book thru her PAC Discuss on Bookninja:
Jonathan Fields/@jonathanfields/"Social Media Sandwich Artist, Dad, husband, author of Career Renegade, lifestyle entrepreneur, marketer, blogger, speaker"Just off great interview with @_robin_sharma (on blog tomorrow), check out his new leadership book -
Jessa Crispin/@thebookslut/"For greatness, a little dirt, a hint of the gutter, the grand slut -- that's the real thing." Elizabeth Hardwick
Publishers Weekly/@PublishersWkly/"The international magazine of bookselling and publishing""Bologna Gets Back to Business" – read our extensive coverage of last week’s book fair.
Bethanne Patrick/@thebookmaven/"Blogger, book reviewer, author interviewer, author --but above all, a reader. "If you haven't read IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD by Peter Lovenheim, I highly recommend it -- especially after interviewing him today @thebookstudio.
Kevin Smokler/@Weegee/"CEO of ("LA Museum of Art to place all of its back catalogues online for free reading. Weegee sayz; "How awesome."
Stephen Elliot/@S___Elliott/"Author of seven books including The Adderall Diaries. Founding editor of The"I'm reading tonight w/ sex worker literati at the happy ending bar. There will be pictures of me naked and opaque wrapped in cellophane.
eBook Newser/@eBookNewser/"The First Word on Digital Publishing"Apple dubs LibreDigital an official iBooks eBook Aggregator.
Brad Inman/@bradInman/"Vook/TurnHere/Homegain/Inman News"Wow, just reviewed supertsar child development guru Ellen Gallinsky's three volume Vook. Great body of work!
Ron Charles/@roncharles/"Washington Post Book World, Fiction Editor and weekly critic."Good grief: Alexander McCall Smith's upcoming CORDUROY MANSIONS has a puppy on the cover. Add Obama & baby panda & it'll outsell the Bible.
Melville House Publishing/@melvillehouse/"Melville House is an independent publishing house in Brooklyn, specializing in literary fiction, non-fiction, and poetry ... and liking it."Just when you thought your understood fiction, they had to go ahead and throw in some science:
New York Times Books/@nytimesbooks/"Recent Critics' Picks, News and Author Interviews by the Writers and Bloggers of"David Remnick Makes It Look Easy at The New Yorker
ALA Library/@ALALibrary/"Welcome to the ALA Library twitter page! We’re a special library that responds to inquiries about all aspects of librarianship and ALA ... just ask!"ALA | YALSA celebrates Support Teen Literature Day as part of National Library Week
Moonrat/@moonrat/"book editor. rabid reader. love to eat. yumm."NYT article on bad parents in YA lit: pretty funny when you think about it
ShelfAwareness/@ShelfAwareness/"Shelf Awareness: Daily Enlightenment for the Book Trade is published every business day."Elliot Bay; how indies made a Pulitzer winner; London Book Fair woes; Amazon sales tax & much more in today's issue:
Kassia Krozser/@booksquare/"Thinking too much about books, technology, and people."oh, @powells, i really miss the old format of your email newsletter. the new style doesn't make me want to click through and read more.

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