Stray Dog And Train: Shih Tzu SURVIVES Accidents In Utah

06/09/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

CLINTON, Utah — A stray dog is recovering after getting run over by a freight train – twice.

Fred Krause of Utah Railway Company says he spotted the cream-colored Shih Tzu on the tracks Sunday near a high school in a Salt Lake City suburb.

Krause, who was operating a train, says there was no way to stop before it ran over the dog, which was small enough to avoid actually being hit.

Krause says he spotted the same dog on the return trip and this time the pup wasn't so lucky. The dog was running on the tracks and got whacked by the train's snowplow.

Krause drove back to the site later and found the dog, which was still dazed and lying on the tracks.

Krause and his family in Clinton are nursing the dog back to health and are calling him "The Little Guy."


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