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Pulitzer Prize Winners 2010: Washington Post Wins 4, New York Times Gets 3

Huffington Post   Danny Shea   First Posted: 06/12/10 06:12 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 05:10 PM ET

Columbia University has just announced the winners of the 94th annual Pulitzer Prizes. Below are the journalism winners, awarded on the recommendation of the Pulitzer Prize Board:

Bristol (VA) Herald Courier -- Public Service
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Awarded to the Bristol (Va.) Herald Courier for the work of Daniel Gilbert in illuminating the murky mismanagement of natural-gas royalties owed to thousands of land owners in southwest Virginia, spurring remedial action by state lawmakers.

LINK: Underfoot, Out Of Reach
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More from the Associated Press' Deepti Hajela:

The ProPublica prize - and an editorial cartooning award for the self-syndicated Mark Fiore, whose work appears on the San Francisco Chronicle Web site - represented a victory for new media in a competition long dominated by ink-on-newsprint.

ProPublica, a 2-year-old organization, is bankrolled by charitable foundations, staffed by distinguished veteran journalists, and devoted to doing the kind of big investigative journalism projects many newspapers have found too expensive.

The Pulitzers opened its doors wider in recent years to online-only material. The changes reflect the seismic shifts going on in the industry in the past decade, with readers getting their news online at all hours, in a never-ending news cycle.

Pulitzer administrator Sig Gissler said there about 100 online entries from 50 sites this year, up from 65 entries last year.

"You could see they're really doing serious journalism," he said. "I think over time they're going to get stronger."

The Pulitzers are the most prestigious awards in journalism and are given out annually by Columbia University on the recommendation of a board of distinguished journalists and others. Each award carries a $10,000 prize except for the public service award, which is a gold medal.