06/13/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tax Extension Form 2010: How To Request More Time To File Your 2010 Tax Returns

April 15 is coming up quickly, and if you haven't filed your 2010 tax returns yet, you may want to fill out a Tax Extension Form.

A Tax Extension Form allows taxpayers extra time to fill out their 2010 returns, six more months to be exact. However, the IRS notes that it is "not an extension of time to pay" and any balance due must be paid when you file your extension.

You can find the 2010 Tax Extension Form at the IRS Web site here.

The IRS specifically recommends a service called FreeFile to fill out your extension form.

The official Tax Extension Form is known as IRS Form 4868. You must file such an extension form for both federal and state taxes.

Still have questions? Sandra Block of USA Today offers a series of tips for last-minute tax filers, including the fact you can work out a payment compromise with the IRS in some extreme cases.