06/13/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

White House Reporters' 6 Biggest Complaints About Robert Gibbs

The Washington Post's Jason Horowitz writes a long feature on White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs in Tuesday's paper. In the article, which hints at Gibbs' future role as a senior strategist in the Obama administration, Horowitz also highlights Gibbs' contentious relationship with the media that covers the White House.

"Listen to the press secretary talk about the media as a predictable, hyperventilating rabble obsessed with access and covering 'everything as make or break,' or observe his frustration percolating in the briefing room," Horowitz writes.

But Horowitz also includes a laundry list of reporters' least favorite things about the Press Secretary, though "none of them would speak for the record out of fear of retaliation." and reports that "[later] this month, representatives of various news organizations will meet with Gibbs to express what they feel is the administration's contempt for the press."

What are the things that frustrate the White House Press Corps?

According to Horowitz (captions to below slides come directly from the piece):

White House Reporters' 6 Biggest Complaints About Robert Gibbs