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Canada Lynx Wanders 1,500 Miles From Colorado Back To Home In British Columbia

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DENVER — Wildlife officials say a lynx trapped in Canada and released in southwestern Colorado in 2003 traveled 1,200 miles back to Canada, where it got caught in a trap and died earlier this year.

The 9-year-old lynx made it to near Nordegg, Alberta, about 240 miles northeast of Kamloops, British Columbia, where it was first captured for release in Colorado as part of a lynx reintroduction program.

Colorado Division of Wildlife officials put a radio collar on the lynx and followed it for years before losing contact in 2007. Researchers say it fathered kittens in 2005 and '06.

A trapper in Canada contacted wildlife officials after finding the collar when the lynx got caught in a trap on Jan. 28.


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