06/14/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


We've let you in on our picks for the top 10 hipster colleges -- now it's time to go the opposite direction with the PREPPIEST schools. We scoured the country for pastel polos, glee clubs and pearl earrings, and here's what we found.

UPDATE: We received a slough of responses disputing our list and campaigning for other schools to be added.

Many were miffed we didn't include North Carolina's Elon University. Current Elon student Shawn Kennedy wrote:

Elon is by far the preppiest school known to man. I should know. Pink and lime green is all I see. Despite the size of Elon (5,000), we still have a driving range. For all of the bowties, croakies and pleated rainbow slacks I've seen in the past four years, I deserve to see Elon on this list. Acapallooza. Festivus. Preppier than thou? I think so.

Carrie Adams put in a bid for the University of Virginia.

Are you kidding me? You missed a gold mine! UVa! At William and Mary (my alma mater), we have "Dress like UVa For A Day" when layered, popped polos and pearls are mandatory. Funny thing is, W&M is pretty preppy itself, so it's not a huge change.

And Gary Crosby nominated Birmingham-Southern College.

Birmingham-Southern College is the epitome of a preppy school. A small, private liberal arts college nestled on the western hills of Birmingham, Alabama, my alma mater provides its graduates with a solid education and has a legacy of producing socially responsible and intellectual adults. The school is nationally ranked as the number one college for Greek life.

Others rallied for the University of South Carolina, Sewanee: The University of the South and St. Lawrence University.

We want to hear about more! Is your school preppier-than-thou? Let us know:

The PREPPIEST Colleges