WATCH: Maddow RAILS On Huckabee

06/15/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

On her show last night, Rachel Maddow laid into former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee for his off-color comments to a college newspaper last week -- and the fact that he failed to take responsibility for them.

During Huckabee's interview with the College of New Jersey's paper, The Perspective, he compared same-sex marriage to incest and expressed his views against gay people adopting children. "Children are not puppies," he said. "This is not a time to see if we can experiment and find out, how does this work?"

Huckabee then went on the defense, blaming the college paper -- and the student who interviewed him, Michael Tracey, for distorting his views.

Tracey responded to Huckabee yesterday in a letter on HufPost College.

Maddow took Huckabee to task for his inability to explain what he actually said during the interview. "Instead of addressing the substance of his puppies defense, or the state-accommodating-incest thing, Mike Huckabee blamed the college reporter -- which was apparently the wrong thing to do," she said.

Looks like student journalists - 1, Maddow - 1 and Huckabee, still 0.


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