06/19/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

James Patterson Books, National Geographic Prisoners' Favorites On Rikers Island

The Count of Monte Cristo? Nope. The life story of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter? Nope.

The most popular books among prisoners at Rikers Island aren't escape fantasies, but those by thriller writer James Patterson, says a New York Public Library intern.

Jamie Niehof is one of a few volunteers charged with finding and distributing books and magazines to Rikers prisoners.

In a recent blog post Niehof discusses the prisoners' penchant for Patterson's pulp, saying that his books are so popular "that we have to lock them up after book service because they tend to disappear."

National Geographics, dating back to the 80s, are also popular among the inmates.

As Runnin' Scared rightly suggests, if you have any urban literature, popular fiction, sports and music biographies, African-American history books, and/or business books, please email Correctional Services Librarian, Nicholas Higgins.