06/19/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mark Bittman iPhone App: How To Cook Everything Comes To iPhone And iTouch (DETAILS, PHOTOS)

Mark Bittman's longtime kitchen favorite, "How To Cook Everything," has just been released as an app for the iPhone and iTouch (and will run on the iPad too). The app has the entire contents of the print volume: 2,000 recipes and 400 illustrations, plus a bunch of other stuff. From the iTunes description:

• The entire contents of this award-winning book: Mark Bittman's 2,000 recipes and recipe variations -- as well as his no-nonsense cooking guidance, including hundreds of how-to illustrations; equipment, technique, and ingredient information; and hundreds of meal-planning ideas

• Easy-to-use and flexible search capabilities, as well as the ability to browse recipes and reference information

• Handy built-in timers, placed throughout the recipe steps

• Well-organized shopping lists that make it easy to buy ingredients -- and whatever other groceries you need at home

• Cooking inspiration: Bittman's Picks, Featured Recipe, Quick Dinners, and Favorites, which provide quick access to selected recipes

• All recipes, reference material, and illustrations are contained within the app; it is not necessary to have internet access to use this app.

The app is available for download for "a limited-time introductory price" of $1.99. Pret-ty good. Check out some screenshots below. and the app is available for purchase here.