06/20/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jim Greer, Former Florida GOP Chair, Must Have Thought He Was Jack Donaghy

Of all the things that have been written about sad-sack former Florida GOP chair Jim Greer -- the slush funds, his status as a mini-Steele, his crazy-faced concerns over President Barack Obama's anodyne address to school children -- my favorite is now this item about how Greer used his various aides to make him appear to be a lot more important and connected than he really was.

Sharon Day, a Broward County committeewoman and secretary of the Republican National Committee, called Greer pompous and showy.

"We were at RNC meetings, and if you were to believe Jim Greer, the governor was calling him every 40 minutes."

At one out-of-state RNC meeting, an aide kept walking in and handing notes to Greer, Day said. She was afraid something bad had happened in Florida, so she asked the aide about the notes. They were blank, she said. Her conclusion: Greer had had them delivered to make himself look important.

As any "30 Rock" fan will tell you, this didn't work for Jack Donaghy, either:

[H/T: TPM]

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