06/20/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Pat Quinn On Rahm Emanuel For Chicago Mayor: 'I Thought The World Was Enough For Him'

Governor Pat Quinn wouldn't come down either way on Rahm Emanuel's mayoral bid, but he did have a few laughs at the White House Chief of Staff's expense.

"I thought the world was enough for him," Quinn said told laughing reporters. "He's an ambitious fellow."

He also took the opportunity to reminisce about his relationship with Rahm. "I knew Rahm Emanuel when he was an idealist. That was around--it was 1980, I think it was," Quinn quipped.

"I'm sure he is an idealist today," he followed quickly.

The governor also recounted playing basketball with Rahm. He and Forrest Claypool teamed up -- something they won't be doing this November -- against Emanuel and David Axelrod. "The right team won, and Rahm called a lot of fouls," Quinn said.

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