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Donna Boudreaux, Army Mom, Supports Troops Financially, Emotionally With Care Packages

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Texas-born Donna Boudreaux has been supporting her family members in the armed services her entire life. Although she now lives in Louisiana, she will always consider Fort Hood home.

She explains,

"I literally went from being an Army brat to Army wife to Army mom. I've got Army blood pumping through my veins."

Now, with a son deployed in Iraq, Bourdreaux spends her free time finding ways to brighten the lives of the troops overseas with special care packages. The Houma Courier reports, she works with other Army family members, all part of the Family Readiness Group, to prepare care monthly packages for local boys abroad.

"Even if they aren't directly involved in fighting, there is a certain degree of battle fatigue that happens being that far away from home and your loved ones," the 45-year-old Boudreaux said. "That's one of the reasons for the care packages. It's a way for them (soldiers) to know we're still here and waiting for them."

In addition to reminding deployed soldiers their community has not forgotten them, the care packages are also meant to relieve their financial burdens. Collecting community donations, Boudreaux and her friends fill care packages with mouth wash, shaving cream and other hygiene items. Having supplies sent to them helps soldiers save money while they're abroad and don't have access to their salaries.