Hugh Hewitt: Dumping Donny Deutsch Shows MSNBC's 'Extreme Insecurity'

06/23/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hugh Hewitt, the conservative commentator partially at the center of MSNBC's Donny Deutsch drama this week, has written a response to the situation damning MSNBC for not allowing debate on its network.

"At a minimum the decision to dispatch Donny demonstrates that MSNBC is definitely not 'the place for politics,' as the network has taken to marketing itself as, but rather the place for hard-left politics only, and of a particularly thin sort to boot," Hewitt wrote at TownHall.

"Rule #1 in MSNBC-land: Never say anything bad about Keith or Ed or allow a guest to voice an unflattering opinion about them no matter how widely shared across the country," he writes. "And there we have the reason for MSNBC's dismal ratings. For most viewers interested in real, vigorous, entertaining debate about serious political issues built on sustained argument, there is no reason to watch much of the programming on MSNBC as there are few dissenting voices from the uber-left ideology ruling there."

It is important to note that MSNBC has built an audience — growing from a cable news also-ran to the solid #2 network — on its political programming and on the strength of its anchors' personalities.

Still, Hewitt writes that on Fox News, even Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity have liberals on their programs to debate.

"This is good programming, and it is the reason why lefties are welcomed on my radio show week in and week out," he said. "It builds audience and entertains even as it informs."

"Dumping Donny under the bus because of a few seconds of video or six minutes of conversation with me underscores the extreme insecurity of the left when confronted over the nature of their discourse or the quality of their arguments," he concluded. "It also signals that MSNBC has embraced their inner loser."

"I'm supposed to take seriously a guy with 1-1/2 names?" Olbermann tweeted in response to Hewitt's post.

Hewitt appeared on Deutsch's "America the Angry" segment and railed against both Schultz and Olbermann. It was that appearance, combined with Olbermann's inclusion in a montage of angry commentators, that got Deutsch sidelined for the remainder of the week.

Schultz hit back against Hewitt in a segment shortly thereafter, challenging him to come on his show for a debate (and promising him the biggest audience he had ever spoken to):

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