06/23/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

UC, Cal State Schools TOO HARD To Get Into, Report Says

A new report from the Public Policy Institute of California recommends that the state's beleaguered school system -- plagued by budget cuts and overenrollment -- loosen their admissions standards for California students.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

The master plan now calls on UC to choose its students from the top 12.5% of high school graduates and Cal State from the top 33.3%, based on high school grades, test scores and other measures.

The institute said the numbers should be expanded to the top 15% for UC eligibility and the top 40% for Cal State by 2025.

According the report, the state's admissions policy does not live up to the "challenges of the 21st century."

Last month, it was reported that the UC system will see a 16 percent enrollment increase in the next nine years. Another article indicated that many California students are leaving the state for their postsecondary educations because of the school systems' problems.

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