06/27/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Get Married At Wrigley Field, If Your Love Story Wins Contest

There's something romantic about the idea of eloping. Some people are drawn to the notion of sneaking away with their future spouse, maybe a few close friends, and getting married without the grand production.

If you're the exact opposite of those people, and happen to like the Cubs, then boy is there a contest for you.

The "Through Thick 'N' Thin" contest, sponsored by Home Run Inn, Lou Malnati's, and Chicago Trolley & Double Decker, gives Cubs fans the chance to get married at Wrigley Field. (Thanks to Gapers Block for the tip.)

Submit a short essay (50-500 words) and a "creative photograph of the couple" to one of the sponsors' Facebook pages and you could get married, or renew your vows, at home plate before the June 13th Sox-Cubs game at Wrigley.

The wedding promises to be fun for all, as it'll mark the first celebration involving a ring at Wrigley Field in quite some time -- 102 years, give or take.