Greening Your Home (VIDEO): Too Much Red Tape?

06/27/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Greening your home from the ground up sounds is always a good idea, but for the Millers from northern Florida, the venture proved to be a bureaucratic mess, the Today Show's Kerry Sanders reported.

When tropical storm Fay hit northern Florida in August 2008, the Millers saw the hurricane as an opportunity to rebuild their home, making it green every step of the way and recycling the old house for the new, Sanders said.

The Millers reused 1.38 tons of glass, 1,920 pounds of combined metals, 1,600 pounds of aluminum, and 280 pounds of insulated wire.

All that reuse is impressive and undoubtedly cut some costs. But for the bulk of the financing that should be coming from the government, $95,000 to be exact, the Millers are still waiting, 20 months later. We applaud home owners for taking green initiatives --we hope the government will work to start rewarding these great efforts instead of creating too much red tape.

WATCH Sanders' report:

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