06/28/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

HuffPost Energy Makeover Winner Marissa Campise Talks Toxin-Free Skin Care On GMA Health (VIDEO)

HuffPost Living Total Energy Makeover winner Marissa Campise appeared on GMA Health recently to discuss month three of her personalized energy makeover.

Joined by expert nutritionist Ashley Koff, RD and celebrity makeup artist (and HuffPost blogger) Karim Orange, Marissa discussed everything from allergies to organic skin care.

Working alongside Ashley Koff, Marissa was able to detoxify her body (and heal her allergies!) through a combination of dieting, yoga, acupuncture and vitamin D supplementation. Now, she's stepping it up a notch by chucking the toxins and chemicals found in most skin care products.

According to Ashley Koff, toxins in skin care products can be "energy drainers" that "interfere with digestion" and "keep the skin from breathing effectively."

Specifically, toxin-free makeup artist Karim Orange warned against parabens, a common "preservative found in a lot of conventional makeup that we use." In addition to being found in breast cancer tumors, Parebens are dangerous because the body is incapable of digesting them.


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