Anti-Vitter Ad Reminds Voters Of 'Forgotten Crimes' That Nobody Could Possibly Have Forgotten (VIDEO)

06/29/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Louisiana Democrats have a new website and video ad up reminding everyone that Senator David Vitter (R-Louis.) is a diaper-clad master of the whores! Perplexingly, they called this initiative "Forgotten Crimes," despite the fact that there's just no way in the world that anyone could possibly have forgotten about these crimes, at all. If anything, people have forgotten about all the other aspects of David Vitter's life. (Did you know? He was a Rhodes Scholar!)

Still, a fun thwack at the lowest-hanging political fruit in America, and hey -- speaking of "low-hanging," aren't you glad that the camera frames the "crime scene re-enactment," seventeen seconds in, just so? I know I was! I also love the way that "social worker" and "small business owner" appear in the ad with their faces obscured, as if they might suffer some sort of perilous repercussion for talking outloud about the only things anyone remembers about David Vitter.

Also, some guy named Charlie Melancon is running for this seat, and maybe one day the Louisiana Democrats will cut an ad promoting him? This is just an idea I had.


[h/t: Wonkette]

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