Yeardley Love Murder: Police Take Red-Stained Shirt, Computers From George Huguely's Apartment (NEWS)

07/05/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Charlottesville police searched George Huguely's apartment Wednesday and removed a red-stained shirt and a letter addressed to Yeardley Love, whom Huguely is accused of killing.

In addition to the stained T-shirt and letter to Love, Charlottesville police investigators seized numerous additional pieces of potential evidence.

Police confiscated two white Apple laptop computers, a green spiral notebook, two white socks, a bathroom rug, a shower curtain, the apartment's entryway rug and a pair of blue cargo shorts.

Police also took DNA swabs from various places in the apartment.

Huguely is currently behind bars charged with first-degree murder in the violent death of Love, his ex-girlfriend. Love was found early morning roommate with physical trauma to her body. According to police documents, Huguely admitted that he swung Love by the neck and shook her, causing her head to hit a wall reapeatedly.

According to the Washington Post, Love and Huguely were broken up when the 6'2, 209-pound lacrosse player barged into her home Monday.

Huguely and Love, both 22, had dated for many months when Love called it off in recent weeks, according to several people close to her. But for Huguely, it was not over.

Early Monday, Huguely arrived at Love's apartment, according to a police affidavit filed in support of a search warrant. The front door wasn't locked, but apparently her bedroom door was. He forced it open, kicking it with his right foot. Police said they found hairs in the hole he left in the door.

The Associated Press reports that Huguely's high school lacrosse coach once described him as "a prankster whose lighthearted attitude helped make him a leader."

Love's mother, Sharon Donnelly, met with authorities Wednesday.

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