'13 Bankers' LIVE Video Interview Today, May 7, 10am EDT: Simon Johnson Talks To HuffPost Senior Editor Marcus Baram

07/06/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Our month spent discussing "13 Bankers," Arianna's most recent book club pick, has been a busy one. Since its release, Simon Johnson and James Kwak's book has become a New York Times bestseller, and people all around the country are talking about the issues that it raises. Here on the HuffPost Books section, we've had some great blogs from the authors as well as others who think Johnson and Kwak are right on... and those who don't. To wrap up our "13 Bankers" feature, we're hosting a LIVE video interview with Simon Johnson and Huffington Post Senior Editor Marcus Baram. We hope you'll join us TODAY, May 7, at 10am EST as they discuss the book. You'll be able to ask questions and engage in discussion, too, so come ready to participate.

If you missed some of the conversation this month, you can see some highlights below the video.


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