07/06/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'The Other Wes Moore': The Radically Diverging Lives Of Two Men With The Same Name (VIDEO)

Wes Moore, a former White House Fellow and the author of the new book "The Other Wes Moore," came on Morning Joe today to talk about the book. In it, he explores the parallels and differences between himself and another man named Wes Moore who grew up in the same Baltimore neighborhood at the same time, but who ended up in jail while the author Wes Moore ended up in the White House.

Moore talked about the factors that led to the radically different paths his and the other Moore's lives took. He said that education, mentoring and role models, and his mother all greatly factored into his success, while the other Wes Moore had none of these. "He's not a dumb guy at all," said Moore, and pointed out that if the situations had been different, the other Wes Moore's life could easily have been his, and vice versa. "We're products of our expectations," he said. Because people expected a lot of the author, he achieved a lot. The story of these two diverging lives, Moore said, tells a bigger story about all of our lives and our communities.


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